Financing Programs Overview


With higher loan-to-values, longer terms and aggressive rates, FHA loans offer some of the most generous terms to those building, purchasing or renovating qualified multi-family properties.

Depending on the program, leverage can go to 90% and amortizations can reach 40 years with loan amounts starting at $1,000,000 with no upper limits.

FHA 221(d)(4)

  • New construction and substantial rehab
  • Amortization up to 40 years
  • 3 year IO on construction
  • Max LTV 90%
  • Loan size: $4 million +
  • Non-Recourse

FHA 223(f)

  • As-is acquisition or refi of properties 3+ yrs old
  • Amortization up to 35 years
  • Max LTV 87%
  • Loan size: $1 million +

FHA 223(a)(7)

  • HUD financed multi-family refinance
  • Term = remaining term + up to 12 years, not to exceed original term
  • Amortization: self-amortizing

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